Miriam Elizabeth "Ami" Chase is one of the 8 Epics. In the first story, she is nine. In the second story, she turns ten. Ami was given her nickname by her mother when she was two.

Physical Characteristics Edit

Ami is described as being unhealthily skinny. She describes herself as "sharp", and with a sharp chin, pointed nose, and steely eyes, she just may have a point. Even her hair is sharp. She takes care to keep it always running down her back. The way it is angled shaped her face like a diamond. Like her sister Beckett, she has light brown hair. Her eyes are a chocolate brown, and she has rounder eyes.


Ami is typically the calm one. She's resourceful and practical, but she can also be tricky and isn't above having some fun once in awhile. She is very patient and has a good heart, which friends often describe as her greatest flaw. She can also be a total fangirl- show her anyone from Harry Potter and she goes nuts. Over the course of her Titanic research, she developed a strong respect for Lightoller, and upon arriving on the Titanic, actually glomped him. This was considered a bad thing by the majority of the Epics.

Magic and Her PowersEdit

Upon arriving in HQ, it was discovered that Syeira, Abby, Ami and Beckett were magic. Abby noted that Ami showed a specific knack for telekinesis. While Beckett was eager to learn the magic, Ami rejected it. No one is quite sure exactly why she was so adamant about her rejection of magic, but there are two theories.

Theories of Ami's Magical RejectionEdit

Theory One: That Ami wants, above all else, to be a normal girl, even in the midst of the pure insanity that is HQ, and she feels that learning magic would ruin that for her.

The flaw in this is obvious: Ami isn't normal and never will be. The mere fact that she is an Epic obviously means she is not and never will be normal. She can try, of course, but she is always an Epic, and Epics are not normal.

Theory Two: Ami is bitter about the fact that her mother was magical, yet she rejected her magic for so many years in order to be with her husband, and that she died when she could have saved herself, Ethan and Beckett had she only used her magic.

This theory is likely since upon discovering that she was a witch, Ami fled from HQ, and Juliet saw her in her room in Real World, crying and holding her mother's picture.